Project My Own Business and My Own Business Two


Financed from the European Social Fund within IROP.



Project content:


·         Providing advisory and training on how to start  the marketing action and manage company

·         Providing financial support: social cover subsidy,  investment subsidy,

·         Exchanging experience and best practice in business



The project is addressed to persons willing to establish new business

activity and participate in the internal market.


Project - 21st century Company. Training programme targeted at the support of the development of e-business.


The main goal of the project is to help micro, small and medium enterprises function effectively and efficiently in the Internet market. Trainings comprise issues concerning business activity on the WWW as well as the efficient use of the digital signature in the economic practice. The project is contracted by The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PAED) and co-financed from European Union funds within European Social Fund.



Project – The Center of Green Technologies


Project – The Center of Green Technologies is a model of cooperation based on thematic workshops, presentations and counseling. The main aim of this project is to facilitate the labour market throughout the support of adaptation abilities of employees and enterprises functioning in the labour market in the areas of special environment protection. It is addressed mainly to small and medium enterprises employees and their partners inhabiting rural areas of Podlasie Voivodship. 

Within the Project the following subjects are being realised:

  • Ecotourism
  • Sewage management
  • Home sewage treatment plants
  • Traditional building
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Regional products

Project is financed from public funds with the use of European Social Fund within European Initiative EQUAL.


European Initiative EQUAL is  a part of European Union strategy aimed at creating new work places. EQUAL is an innovative way to solve problems concerning inequality and discrimination in the labour market in the sector of small and medium enterprises.


Project Talk-IT


The project focus on developing adequate language skills for individuals that operates small tourism enterprises in Podlaskie Voivodship by offering suitable language courses using open distance learning (ODL).  Since many of the operators in this field have their tourism enterprises as an  additional income it is important that they have the possibility to develop skills that improve their knowledge and the likelihood that the business survives and thrives in the time of increased competition.


With the development of a language course that incorporate the needs of this specific target group within the tourist industry and then using the pedagogical aspects and benefits of well organised ODL the project promotes life long learning for the target group as well as enhancing their competencies in operating their enterprises and improving their customer base.  By adding training in languages the companies and individuals in podlaskie region will increase their communication skills with the foreign tourists, which would be a way to increase their ability to attract customers, and service them in a suitable way, which would in turn increase their likelihood of success and furthermore work as a sustainability factor for the money spend by the EU. 

The project process is illuminated in the following way:

·         Survey of language courses offered to the target group in other EU projects to form the basis of the design of a targeted course

·         Needs analysis in the partner countries. The partnership develops a structured interview questionnaire that each partner uses to conduct an analysis of the content and pedagogical need for the entrepreneurs.  This will generate an insight to how the entrepreneurs would like to receive their training – information which will enable the project to incorporate these aspects and therefore increase the success rate of the project.

·         The partners will design language courses that are suitable for the entrepreneurs needs in accordance with pedagogical aspects of CLIL and ODL.

·         Each partner will conduct a pilot phase.

·         The partners will match the outcomes of the pilot tests with the draft models developed in the previous development phases and will, if appropriate, revise those models accordingly.

·         The materials will be designed as web-based materials for free download. Print versions for dissemination and presentation purposes will also be produced

·         The partners will incorporate the designed material at their institutes or institutes in their network, which will increase the sustainability of the project and further enhance the accessibility of LLL for the small tourism entrepreneurs.



Project - Female Consultant of Projects financed from Structural Funds


Training enables gaining the abilities of deriving funds from European Union Structural Funds. It is addressed to mature women from Podlasie Voivodship. Project is financed from European Social Fund and the Budget.



Project Agro-Tourism and Handicraft Academy


Project Participants:


Eligible participants are adults already employed and living within the Podlaskie region who are interested in establishing and developing agro-tourism enterprises (households) as a supplementary source of income.


Project Content:


94 hours of workshop and training within the time frame of February to May 2006 comprising:,

·       Interactive lectures combined with individual coaching tailored to the needs of the participants,

·       Workshops on handicraft and regional products,

·       Study tour to innovative agro-tourism household enterprises 


Project Benefits:


The participants will acquire knowledge and skills on how to develop, organize, promote and manage agrotourism household enterprises in rural areas.





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