Development Initiatives Forum (DIF) was called into operation in 2005 by a number of private founder members


About DIF:


The objective of Development Initiatives Forum is to rise awareness and knowledge on civil society and to promote the social-economical sustainable development in the area of human resources development and counteracting unemployment, fighting discrimination and inequality in the labour market, contribution to entrepreneurship development and growth. 


Forum has at its disposal the proper technical resources for the effective realization of development initiatives. The staff of the Forum as well as associates experts are involved in consultancy and advisory having long-term experience in working within the framework of the Phare, bilateral and Structural Funds programmes and initiatives.


Management Board:


Magdalena Skup  - Director of DIF  Marta Małecka-Dobrogowska - Vicedirector of DIF

Development Initiatives Forum

15-889 Białystok, Poland   ul. Brukowa 28, lok. 4   tel. (085) 654 58 97 | fax: (085) 675 00 17